Acteor Group

Acteor Group encompasses 4 firms specialized in consulting, project management, international business settlement, economic, politic and strategic advisory and, finally, investment and asset management.

The Acteor group includes four centres of expertise, at your disposal:

  • Acteor Finance: Management consulting and financial administration assistance for companies, fundraising, project funding.
  • Acteor Conseil: Asset management, wealth management, tax advice, investment (buildings, offices, business capital, historical monuments).
  • Acteor Afrique : specialized in sustainable development projects and politic and economic advisory in Africa.
  • Medyourway: Medical audit, implantation by vacations of French surgeons in West-Africa and in the Balkans.

Our Vision

Acteor Group is an independent cabinet based on trust and expertise.

We address to business owners (business creators, business developers and business buyers) of small and medium sized structures who need support for tax optimization or management issues, for instance. They are often left alone to pilot their structures, that’s why we help them to stand back and get the necessary distance, supporting them over key-decisions.

Business owners do not always have the time to get informed. For this reason, we realize studies over themes of their choice and we accompany them over law and tax issues, in partnership with lawyers and notaries.

Last but not least, we support business owners in the key-moments of their firms, such as the sale or the transfer of its company.